Hand woven cotton fabric looks more natural in terms of color, texture and workmanship than mill made cotton fabric. Hand woven cotton fabric is also more expensive.

Handwoven Cotton Fabric vs. Mill Made Cotton Fabric

Handwoven cotton fabric is a more valuable product because the process of weaving it is time-consuming. The weave pattern and colors are also unique for each piece, so it's impossible to replicate one item with another. Mill made cotton fabrics, on the other hand, are mass produced using a machine. This means that they are cheaper, but not as high quality.

How to Recognize the Difference

To tell the difference between an expensive handwoven cotton fabric and mill-made cotton fabric, examine the fabric's weave and the thread count. A higher thread count typically means a more expensive fabric. Quality also depends on how tightly woven the fabric is, so look for fabrics that are tightly woven with few loose threads.
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The Differences Between Handwoven and Machine Made Fabrics

Handwoven fabric is woven by manually loops and yarns which creates a more natural pattern. The fabric looks better and feels softer to the touch. Mill made fabric, on the other hand, is created by machines that are able to weave much faster than people. This type of cloth doesn't last as long and the pattern is less complex but it's cheaper in price.


There are many different types of cotton fabric and it can be difficult to tell which is better. Handwoven cotton fabric is generally made from higher quality cotton than mill cloth, which you can tell by looking at the texture and weight. Handwoven cotton is also less likely to shrink or fade over time.


One of the most difficult tasks for someone starting out in the garment industry is figuring out which type of cotton fabric to use. For many people, it can be difficult to figure out the difference between the more expensive hand woven fabrics and the cheaper mill made fabrics. The key is durability. If you are making a long-lasting garment with high-quality fabric, you should try to find hand woven cotton fabric that has been both weaved and finished by a professional textile artisan.


The main difference is the feel. Handwoven fabric feels thicker and has a rougher texture. Mill made fabric is softer with a smoother surface.