we love EVA MASAKI

We are going to take you through a mini tour of Veneto, Italy through the lenses of the eclectic Eva Masaki; an evocative, wearable and exquisite eyewear brand.

In our series of supporting our global and sustainable brands across the globe, let’s not forget the importance of an eyewear- an essential for when you are glued to the screens or just basking in the sun.

At CROW, we’ve picked up Eva Masaki’s vibrant, comforting and quirky frames that are handmade amidst lush glera grapes (that is used to make wine) in Venteo, Italy. Brand’s ethos and its operations resonate with those of families who work in the grapevines to make everything by hand and are deeply rooted. The beauty of this place sets the mood board for her collection. Eva Masaki is a small production eyewear line that marries style with Italian craftsmanship to grace your face with timeless and handmade pieces. 

The beauty of handmade products is that each piece is unique and raw that brings joy to the wearer and the environment. Each one of us should make a promise to switch to a sustainable lifestyle in our own little ways for the sake of people and the planet. There's a change in how people dress today. Think comfort, laid-back and versatile basics. We love to merge Indian textile with handmade accessories from Italy and footwears from the USA to celebrate Sustainability, Craft and Artisans.

Amidst fast fashion and overproductions issues, Eva’s rotational production and limited edition collection is the need of the hour. All its glasses are made from Zeiss lenses and cellulose. If you have a penchant for travel, love beaches and sleek designs or just to give your vision and temples that extra comfort Eva’s Masaki ticks all these boxes.

From muted tones, statement making styles to sleek shapes you’d be spoilt for choice, and yes they come with cute and handmade leather cases which we just love.

We at CROW envision bringing craft into our everyday lives and infuse the ‘less is more approach across our wardrobes. 

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