About us

Our story starts in 2011, with the hope of a young designer creating clothes that embody purpose and meaning. Shaila Khubchandani founded Crow with the desire to ethically and sustainably produce garments. Today, Crow sustainably creates handmade luxury garments with relaxed silhouettes, soothing colors, and contemporary designs.

Our friendship with immensely skilled Karigars (artisans) all over India translates into the clothes we create together, a product of artistic partnership and shared passion for the environment. The process is a graceful synergy between the designer and the karigar, resulting in a remarkable creative expression through clothes.   

With exquisite fabrics such as organic cotton and merino wool, Crow prioritizes quality. We celebrate Indian heritage by being an open platform for Indian craftsmanship. We strive to make our practices as sustainable as possible, whether it’s the ethical production of the fabric or the eco-friendly packaging of our orders.  

Our dream to make slow fashion a continuing reality seems tangible now. Through all the glorious years of designing, producing, and learning; we continue to create clothes for comfort and character. 


Made entirely using the finest quality of handwoven fabrics, our clothes are a metaphor for the timeless allure of nature.