Carbon Offsets

When we're working to drive emissions to zero, we believe that all businesses should be held accountable for their environmental impact. To mitigate this footprint, we're taxing ourselves for the carbon that we do emit, and are investing in carbon offsets to fund projects that will neutralize our footprint.

Carbon offsets are not all created equally. We work with trusted partners who source projects that we believe in and uplift communities.

With first a few questions, we ensure that each initiative is certified with global carbon offset standards. Such questions include permanence and additionality.

We work with partners to make sure that our supply chain is sustainable and we make it a priority to create long-term goals where regenerative wool is used in all of our products.

We fund projects in three sectors: Land, Energy, and Air. We’ll send you an email after your purchase inviting you to choose which area we should invest in next.

We believe in environmental sustainability and make sure the investments we make in other companies are to standards of Climate Neutral and B Corp.

How we'll be changing what we do in 2020


NativeEnergy developed wind energy to displace coal-fired power plants and we are happy to have sponsored them. Wind energy also supports local jobs and community development which is important for us because by sponsoring them, it will allow land to remain in agricultural use.

This project provides resources for low-income families in China’s Sichuan province with biogas digesters and clean cooking stoves. Supporting this project removes harmful coal- or wood-burning stoves by replacing them with cleaner options. It also improves livelihoods, providing people access to cleaner fuel for cooking while leading to cleaner air.


The way we manage our North American operations is to ensure that they are run on 100% renewable energy. The new Renewables Portfolio helps catalyze community solar projects and increase pollinator habitat.