Ironing guideline

Ironing your clothes properly helps them look better and it also helps ward off the effects of dirt and body oils. Having the right iron can make the difference between a good quality, smooth-looking press and one that looks a bit bumpy.

Ironed clothing can last longer and preserve the original quality. This is why knowing the fabric and using the correct setting are crucial in ironing.

To iron your clothes like a pro, follow these tips for the best-ironed garments. Regardless of your preferred fabric, it is important to take care of each garment after a freezing winter. When you take the time to make sure that your clothes are properly cared for and well loved, you will find that every detail matters no matter how many individual articles you have.


Ironing tips and tricks

Different fabrics require different heat setting. You should know how to properly iron your clothes based on the fabric and style in order to achieve a wrinkle-free victory.

There is no perfect ironing method, but using the instructions on the label to set an ironing heat may be a place to start. Ironing with the lowest heat is often suggested for new fabrics and most fabrics have a range that's the same throughout.

If you don't know the type of fabric, always start with a low heat setting on the iron and allow yourself a test patch.


How to iron cotton clothes

Ironing guidelines:Use high heat for cotton. Dampen clothing with a spray of water or using the spray function on the iron, which can help to make stubborn creases easier to iron.

Ironing guidelines

If you're going to be ironing expensive linens, such as silk, it's a good idea to use a low setting and press cloth. Press down on the area you are ironing with the cloth and wait until the heat has penetrated deep into this wool before proceeding to a new area.

Benefits of wool as an ironing product

New and improved hot irons now use medium heat, allowing for an easy restoration of clothes. We advise all who use heated irons to cover the inside-out garment with a press cloth when carefully doing away with stains.

Ironing is a simple skill once you purchase and master proper techniques, so investing in quality tools like a multi-functional iron is beneficial. Notated fabric settings and water spray for preventing wrinkles will take the wind out of your ironing self-learn experience.