A team that has become like family over time, Crow is home to 25 talented and hardworking individuals that share a universal ideology about creating timeless pieces with respect to our surroundings. Collaborating in harmony to create handmade pieces that celebrate the touch of human skill into an intricate design is what we do best, resulting in magic through fabric.

Our textiles are put together meticulously through different stages. From an artistic brainstorming between our designers to sourcing hand-woven fabric from creative corners of India - we deliberately honor Indian craft. A foundation of all our work, Indian art has captured our hearts, and we translate our admiration for it through our creations. Every piece at crow has a hint of India’s rich history in textile and arts.

An incredible team of ‘karigars’ that bring our pieces to life, these artists that stitch together our visions are a true backbone at Crow. From the sketching pad to stitching the last thread, creating clothes at Crow results from the smooth coordination and communication that we truly value. The bond between our designers, weavers, and karigars is an exceptional one that rests on great friendship, admiration, and respect for one another. The beautiful relationship that the team at Crow shares is reinforced by a happy and positive work environment. We only wish to have a better impact on the environment through mindful production and this is only possible with the support and encouragement of our team and our buyers. We appreciate every pillar that Crow rests on, helping us soar new heights in terms of contemporary designs that are timeless and eco-friendly.