Kelly Brown is a photographer, mother, and a desert dweller as stated in her instagram bio. Her style is minimal, timeless and she is often seen wearing earthy tones that compliment the surroundings that she lives in. 

Taking a peek at her instagram, you can easily tell that she is a nature lover. We can also sense that she lives a slow-life with her family and her lifestyle is reflected by her choice of clothing. Browns and whites make the most of her wardrobe with minimal and solid design, making her look confident and comfortable with her skin. 

This nonchalant look of hers inspires us and also validates our own idea of fashion where less is more. Even a cotton-set looks like a luxury on her, something which you can wear everyday and still look good. 

Even the brands that she chooses to support follow ethical means of production like giving fair wage to their employees and using organic cotton as well as toxic free dyes. 

Kelly Brown embodies a certain ease with her fashion choices that aligns with us and our approach to slow fashion.