Code of Conduct

Our workings revolve around sustaining the environment, as well as livelihoods. We work with an immense sense of respect and gratitude, ensuring our supply line, employees, and the environment are all well taken care of. We expect a certain level of social conduct that strictly defines the ethical and moral standards at Crow. 

Vendor Conduct 

Over the years, we have partnered with various cooperatives, charities, and NGOs to widen our horizons in giving back. When working together, we discuss the Vendor Conduct in complete detail to communicate and set necessary working requirements that Crow does not compromise on. This has increased our transparency and helped us find initiatives with the same aim. We enjoy working with people who share our passion for sustainability and carry out their operations with honest principles. 

The Vendor Conduct was developed through sessions of self-evaluations and research that continue to be updated often. We’re constantly trying to do better, and improvements for the better are always our priority. 

From our side, we aspire to work solely with corporations that share our ethos and ethical practices are visible in their workings. We want our suppliers to be reputable and trustworthy, as we refuse to compromise on aspects like quality and safety, which are of utmost importance to us. We also expect any production to be carried out in fair working conditions, operating under lawfully acceptable conditions and nothing less. 

National Labour Laws

The social code is written in a way that describes the minimum standards accepted, not the maximum. Companies that wish to exceed these exceptions are encouraged. We strive to create a workplace environment where workers look forward to coming to every morning. 

Aside from the conduct put forward by Crow, we expect companies to follow the law in terms of social code while ensuring adequate provisions, as a basic and preliminary requirement. 

In the case that there is no national law, we ask suppliers to refer to the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and hold up the same standard. 

Eco-Friendly Expectations

The waste management at Crow has been polished over the years to reach a level where we reuse our waste to up-cycle handbags. Our dedication to reducing and reusing is expressed through the standards we hold for our suppliers as well. 

We expect all our suppliers to manage waste mindfully, whether this entails recycling waste through internal recycling schemes or through government-managed garbage recycling programs. 

When it comes to disposing of water that may not be pure, we expect ethical waste distribution in a way that causes no harm to the local community and water reservoir. We also encourage the use of efficient energy resources through solar-powered operations. 

Ethical Hiring

We strictly forbid any child under the age of 15 to be employed for Crow or any other factory that produces materials for us. We refer to state laws to define working ages, and if a state describes a higher minimum working age, we ensure the law is followed. At Crow, there is a zero-tolerance policy for child labor, and we will never work with any supplier that engages in child labor in any way. 

Fair Employment

Any person employed under Crow is ensured a legal working contract. We ask the same from our suppliers, in an aim to prevent the use of any illegal, forced to prison workers. We do not expect workers to provide sums of money to their employers and should be given the freedom to terminate their contract given an appropriate notice period.  

We have no leniency when it comes to physical abuse in an attempt to discipline or punish. All forms of violence, physical, sexual, or mental, are unacceptable for Crow and our suppliers. We do not have the slightest tolerance for anyone that shows any form of intimidation. 

Similarly, another unacceptable form of behavior at Crow is any that promotes inequity and bigotry. We treat everyone equally without prejudices about race, caste, religion, sex, age, disabilities, or sexual orientations. This is applied throughout, including in situations of employment, training, termination, or retirement as well.  

We support workers in every way they need and give them a free choice and right to join or form trade unions for their own good. Every worker should be given freedom of choice, regardless of circumstance. The workplace should be sanitary, with provisions of water, toilets, and appropriate religious facilities free of cost. 

Any third-party workshop subcontractors, temporary workers, or homeworkers that the supplier wishes to partner with should be run through by Crow. We do this to ensure our goods are created under fair trade. 

With every supplier we work with, we encourage them to create a draft of their own social conduct, with specifications about ethical production, fair employment, and environmental liability. By increasing this practice, we create a global standard for sustainable and ethical production, spreading the word about the acceptable quality of work. 

Ethical Working Conditions  

Working conditions for workers must be held to a certain hygienic standard. It should have adequate sanitation appliances that work well and are safe to use. 

For workers that handle machinery, necessary training should be provided, educating them on industry knowledge, safety hazards, and emergencies. 

Ethics And Integrity 

In an effort to promote workplace improvement, we encourage suppliers to set up anonymous ways of receiving feedback from workers. These can be complaints and suggestions, helping in developing a safer and happier work environment. 

Following a strong sense of integrity, we do not condone any corruption in the workplace through extortion or bribery. We strictly work with suppliers that practice honesty in a responsible and ethical manner. 

Supervision And Observation

Since the creation of the social conduct, we expect our suppliers to adhere to our working standards strictly. Our suppliers are asked to ensure these moral standards are held up with integrity through active co-operation and teamwork. 

We refuse to compromise on fundamental human and working rights. Thus, any supplier we work with should guarantee similar working conditions that promote sustainable and ethical production. 


Crow asks for complete transparency to ensure our practices are holding up to the expected standards. We invite all our suppliers to provide honest updates about the workplace. IF we notice something suspicious, Crow reserves the right to carry out site inspections through third-party organization to guarantee that the supplier is consistently following the social conduct. 

Non - Compliance

On the off chance that a supplier fails to comply with our code of conduct, we provide warnings in an attempt to educate them. When this fails too, we terminate our workings with the supplier immediately. Crow holds a certain standard for production, one that is ethical in every way. We refuse to compromise on something as basic as working conditions. 


Modern Slavery

The code of conduct is in place to ensure ethical work for our communities. We are cautious about our labor contracts and ask our suppliers to do the same. We are attentive to the risk of forced, bonded, and trafficked labor in our suppliers or any of their business chains. 

To prevent this, we ask suppliers to uphold standards of transparency through contracts. This includes practices such as  (i) forbidding the act of withholding identification such as national cards and passports, (ii) forbidding the application of recruitment fees, and (iii) allowing labor their free choice of leaving employment or repatriating at their convenience, guaranteed an acceptable notice period. The migration of labor has increased the risk of forced work that is strictly forbidden at Crow. 

We take this extremely seriously and carry out factory visits to ensure the code of conduct is adhered to. Our team is instructed to report any factors of concern immediately, after which we look into the incidence with greater detail.