Welcome to crow, customer care. Here are some answers to your queries and our outfits. If you have any further concerns, please get in touch with our team.

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Fit And Size

Do you have a women's size chart to refer to?

Our women's size chart is mentioned besides each garment on our website. Alternatively, you can also find our sizing chart and guide here. If you are unsure about sizing and need any assistance, contact us. If the size you ordered doesn’t quite fit right, we can happily exchange it for you at no additional cost.


What is an oversized fit?

Oversized fits in women's fashion are freshly known for comfortable, casual, and breezy outfits. The idea is to undefine structure and represent a more relaxed fit.


Do you offer maternity sizes?

We don’t have a specific maternity line of women's clothing; we do have some styles which are a relaxed fit. To understand more about the fit, email us; we’ll be glad to assist you. 


Do you offer plus sizes?

Yes, we offer all ranges from XS- XXXL. Please consult our stylist before placing your order.




Can you customize an outfit for me?

Yes, we can customize; our stylist will share the latest textile directory with you. You may choose the textile of your choice and pick a style from the collections listed on our website.


I am interested in purchasing an outfit that is marked sold out on the website. Can I still order it? 

Of Course! We will happily remake it for you in a different textile. Our stylist will share the textile directory.


How can I mention additional notes when placing an order?

While you add a product to your shopping basket, you will see a type box on the bottom right of your screen. Feel free to make your notes there, and we will contact you if we need any additional information.


Secured Payment 


Is it safe to use our Credit/Debit card?

At Crow, we ensure that every purchase is highly secured. Your credit card purchases will be safeguarded as you will always be asked to enter your CVV code on every order. 

Our payment department will contact you for further details before confirming the order. They will carry out anti-fraud checks for greater protection before approval.


Which payment options do you accept?

You can pay using all major credit/debit cards; our merchant partners PayPal, Shopify payments are highly secured. If you fail to make the payment or face a glitch while paying, get in touch with us here.


What are the options for buying now and paying later? 

We have a tie-up Klarna; you can purchase now and pay later in installments. 


How do I use my discount code?

There will be a type box on the Shopping Bag page where you can add the discount code.


Do you give discounts or end-of-season | black Friday offers on your collections?

We offer discounts during sales and promotions, and we always have a section on sale. Please subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know. 


Do you sell gift cards?

We do not sell gift cards presently. Please subscribe to our newsletter to know more about our services.


Do you offer a first-time purchase discount?

Yes, we offer 5% OFF on your first purchase. Use the code FIRSTCROW.


Reliable Deliveries And Pickups 


Do you ship internationally?

We ship worldwide.


Who are your courier partners?

Our delivery partners are FedEx, DHL, and Delhivery.


Where will my order be shipped from?

All the orders are shipped from our studio positioned in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, INDIA.


Can I choose the delivery date and time?

Contact our customer care here for further details.


Can I make an outdoor purchase?

Yes, you can make an outdoor purchase by merely changing the shipping location to match your existing location. Kindly provide a regional delivery address via email to our customer care within 24 hours after placing the order. 


How will my package be delivered, and when will I receive my order?

All our orders are delivered within 10-15 working days.


How do I track the status of my order?

Once your order is dispatched, you’ll receive a tracking number. Please click on it to track your order.


Can I make any changes to my order after placing an order?

Yes, kindly email our customer service at manager@worldofcrow.com within 24 hours of purchasing for any modifications, change the recipient details, or the delivery address. 


Can I change my shipping address after placing an order?

Yes, it can be changed if the order is not dispatched. Please ask our customer care.


Do you cover custom duties on international orders?

We don't cover custom duties. 


Do you cover the loss of stolen packages?

We don’t cover the loss of stolen packages. 


Return And Exchange


How do I return my order?

In the case that you are not happy with the product received, please inform us within 10 working days, we accept returns in an easy and hassle-free process. Kindly follow the steps below to ensure a smooth return. 





Do you trade via wholesale/bulk?

Yes, kindly check our wholesale page here. To know more, email us at business@worldofcrow.com. 


Do you give franchises?

Yes, we can discuss the business prospects. Kindly email us at business@worldofcrow.com. 


Quality And Pricing 


What craftsmanship can I expect from Crow clothing?

All our garments are created with the utmost care, paying conscientious attention to each minute detail; we use remarkable quality fabrics. Given appropriate tending, we expect our garments to be a favorite in your closet for years. 

To know more about our process and the making, kindly click here


What excellence can I expect from textiles used in crow clothing?

We strongly believe in creating handwoven textiles which are in harmony with nature. Our exceptional craftsmanship of cotton textiles is designed to enhance ease and is kind to your sensitive skin, letting it breathe. All our textiles are entirely biodegradable and ethically grown, minimizing the carbon footprint. 

Slight variations and irregularities in the textiles are an integral characteristic of the hand-printed, handwoven, and hand-spun textiles. They add to the uniqueness of the product and are not a defect.

To know more about the making of our textiles, click here.


Why are the garments so expensive?

All the textiles used in making the garments are ethically made in different parts of India. They are handcrafted using traditional techniques by artisans and weavers. The process involved in making the textile is intricate and labor-intensive. Each garment is hand-finished, embroidered based on the silhouette.

We thoughtfully decide the clothing price, taking into account our overheads, fair wages to our artisans, "karigars," weavers, and the patrons.


Where are crow garments manufactured?

Our garments are seamed with the utmost care and finesse at our workshop in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. All our textiles are handwoven in different parts of India.


How can I gain more knowledge about the garment I wish to buy?

We perceive it is important for a garment to fit perfectly and feel just right; we have described the outfits' fit, style, detailing, and color with a brief note of our handwoven fabrics used to make the dress.


Does the actual product vary from the picture on the website?

Due to the difference in brightness and monitors, the colors of the actual product may vary.


What does handwoven textile mean?

The textiles that are handwoven using the most sustainable, non-power-based traditional processes and tools similar to those seen in the 19th century make our textiles eco-friendly.


What is organic cotton textile?

Textiles made from cotton are grown naturally without pesticides, and cotton is entirely biodegradable and humble towards nature. To know more, click here.


How are natural dyes made? 

Natural dyes are procured from numerous plants such as roots, leaves, fruits, barks, flowers. To know more, click here.


Do you use natural dyes in all your garments?

We try to use natural dyes as much as possible.


What does sustainability and eco-friendly mean to Crow?

Sustainability means the making process which doesn't harm the environment and community. We at crow conceptualize at every stage of the creation. A commitment to protecting the environment and natural resources has been one of our core values.


What does Fair-Trade mean to crow?

Fair Trade stipulates that our artisans are paid timely with fair wages. All our products are constructed in consonance with humanity and mother earth.

Ethics means integrity; we strive hard to be fair in our dealings, respect the community, and care for nature.


What are Azo-Free dyes?

In the complex world of dyes, some dyes are synthetic, commonly used by the textile industry. 'Azo dye' is a commonly used term that refers to a group of synthetic dyes that dwell in compounds of the 'Azo' chemical group. These have become immensely popular, as testified by studies that show these dyes are used in approximately 70% of all commercial organic dyes today. 


However, with increased testing and research, it has been found that around  4% to 5% of Azo dyes can be manipulated to form compounds known as 'aromatic amines.' These are harmful and are potentially dangerous to human health, as numerous correlations between the chemicals and cancers have been found. Specifically, research has shown a strong connection between the dyes and the causation of bladder and liver cancers. Not only this, but Azo dyes are also impractical for the environment and our hope for sustainability as they do not deteriorate under natural conditions.


'Azo-free' refers to dyes that have not been made using these synthetic compounds. The use of such dyes is an exceedingly beneficial practice for both the consumer's health and the environment. 


What is minimal fashion?

A contemporary term, minimal fashion relates to the notion of simplicity and lifestyle of essential style. This can influence particular styles like classic silhouettes and fine detailing. 


Product Care


How should I take care of my dress?

To retain the beauty of garments for years to come, we recommend to follow the care instructions here.


General Questions

Do you have a retail store?

We don't have a flagship store at present, and we retail through high-end multi-designer stores worldwide. 


Where is your studio located?

2nd floor, Pushpak Vikas Mandal, Nr. Cama Hotel, Khanpur, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380001, India.


Do you allow visitors to your workshop? 

We will be happy to have you at our workshop and guide you in understanding different processes. Contact us here.