Bringing the spirit of Nature alive, our collection of shirts and tops is a reflection of the vibrant colors found in the remarkable corners of the Earth. Canary yellow and Urban Red are some of the many vivid hues that artistically tint our clothes. Our designs are versatile in style, from airy tank tops to textured shirts that brighten up your wardrobe for easy dressing. Ideal for running an errand on a productive Monday morning or attending your important work meeting, our uppers serve a variety of purposes.  

The tops in this collection have been designed with the finest quality of organic cotton, handwoven meticulously by the talented weavers of Kachchh. Praised for their brilliance in handloom techniques, these weavers create a fabric of meaningful sustenance. By believing in the goodness of organic fabrics, ethical production methods, and sustainable methods that we practice through our garments, you are also contributing to the strive for slow fashion.