Social Responsibility

Our aim to provide equal opportunities to all includes providing a platform for forgotten Indian art, with the help of different communities that bring these skills to life. In an effort to create tangible change, Crow has worked with Women Weave over the past few years to bring about better living conditions for some of India’s underprivileged women and children. An organization that works towards the betterment of their livelihoods, Women Weave hires women from vulnerable backgrounds and helps train them in Handloom, teaching them how to turn their skills into earning a decent living. To learn more, read on

Humane Campaigns & Content Creation

A firm belief at Crow is that every human deserves to be treated fairly and equally. We see through this commitment in our hiring and outsourcing practices. Whether it’s with our models, photographers, or suppliers, Crow follows a strict policy that does not tolerate any discrimination. 

Every photoshoot carried out for Crow is done with respect to the model’s choices and in an environment that is safe and comfortable. Our founder, Shaila, makes it a point to personally meet the model and make sure that they feel stress-free and respected at all times.

The idea of beauty that we aim to portray is natural and authentic to every woman. This is why we believe in celebrating every skin color and body size. We love photographing our pieces on various women that reflect natural bodies, from different skin tones, body shapes, nationalities, and ages. 

Our garments do not discriminate, and neither do we. Over the years, we have created some beautiful imagery for Crow starring African women, East and Southeast Asian women, European women, and many more. We admire beauty in all its forms and stay away from any editing of our images. 

As we grow and learn, we hope to reimagine society’s beauty standards and create a comfortable space for women to simply be themselves. Our team at Crow continues to strive for body positivity and equality through our models, photoshoots, and ultimately - our designs. We promise to remain wholeheartedly committed to learning about inclusivity and diversity, growing a safe canopy for all our community members.