Muslin is a lightweight, durable and breathable fabric that is great for summer clothing and draperies. It’s made of cotton and has a loose weave.

Muslin is a handwoven fabric. The word "muslin" comes from the Old French word "mousseline" which means "a soft material." 

Sometimes people also refer to this as a “handwoven” or “handmade” fabric because it is created using traditional techniques, meaning it takes more time and effort to produce. And not just that, but it also has a much lower carbon footprint than other fabrics that are mass-produced with heavy machine usage and chemicals.

Dialogues with the Divine is a handwoven fabric made in India. These clothes are handloomed by women who are at the forefront of sustainable development. Not only do they provides livelihood to these women, but they also encourage their empowerment through education and opportunities for social mobility.

This handwoven fabric is eco-friendly and sustainable. The clothes are made from 100% cotton, which means it's easier for this fabric to breathe - which means less sweating or overheating when you wear them!