An inside look into our workings that center around lowering our overall carbon footprint on the Earth 

Crow thrives on the idea of creating more with less. Our operations are evaluated regularly to introspect on our loyalty to the environment. In an effort to create more responsibility, accountability, and transparency, we’d like to extend the information of our inner workings to our beloved clients - a way for you to know who you shop and support. 

A carbon footprint measures how much of the greenhouse gas, Carbon Dioxide, one releases into the atmosphere. Everything we do, from scrolling on our phones to driving in the luxury of our cars, leads to carbon emission that in turn harms the environment. Our hope to reduce our carbon footprint is our way of contributing towards combatting climate change. 

Raw Materials 

Most of our raw materials include the preliminary fabric that we start with. At Crow, we are dedicated to using organic fabrics like pure cotton and merino wool which are sourced from sustainable farms. These materials require fewer production steps compared to other synthetic fabrics, creating a better relationship with the environment with the help of its long life. 

Another raw material used at Crow is the dye that helps us create our signature colors. All our dyes are naturally extracted through the gifts of nature, like vegetables and fruits, and one of our most-loved dyes, Indigo, is extracted from a plant. Without the use of any chemicals, our dyes have minimal contribution to our carbon footprint and, in turn, help us create better garments. 


Being a slow fashion brand, we take pride in hand-making all of our garments. From the first to the last stitch, our clothes are wonderfully created by our skilled artisans that bring their talent and hard work of generational knowledge to make clothes that offer versatility, comfort, and style. 

We make no use of heavy machinery, nor do we mass produce any of our clothes. Our studios are fitted with electronics that work on maximum efficiency, helping us reduce the amount of energy we consume on a daily basis and thus, lowering our carbon footprint. 

From our Studio to your Home 

While we do ship internationally to help spread the slow-fashion movement across all corners of the world, Crow stands firmly against returns and exchanges that often cause immense disruption to the environment. The carbon emission of a single flight is burdening, which is one of the reasons we supply our clothing with extra care through our recyclable packaging. 

Our packaging is made of waste paper and remnant fabric that can be upcycled for shoe storage or even a stylish tote bag! We have completely cut out plastic in our studio and packaging, putting the spotlight on biodegradable materials like paper that will eventually decompose into nature. 

Once our clothes are with you, you’ll notice that they last for a long time. That’s because we create our designs using the best of quality, resulting in clothes that look fresh for a long while. With the timeless nature of our silhouettes and the high shelf life of our fabrics, our garments offer increased durability and contribute towards mindful consumption. 

The After Life

Our clothes are free of chemicals or any toxic substances, creating a smooth and seamless route to decomposition. While our clothes won’t clog up the Earth for millions of years, they do emit greenhouse gases while decomposing. This is a simple fact of nature, and not much can be done about the chemistry behind it, but we’re dedicated to improving practices that we can control.