A funny wordplay on the word ‘Lioness’ into ‘Laundress,’ this powerhouse is led by two extremely inspiring women, Gwen Whiting and Lindsey Boyd. They started off as fashion enthusiasts that soon expressed frustration for improper care for their clothes - which led them into the world of fabric care. As a result, they now have a well-established brand that is friendly to the environment as well as to your clothes! They started this project in 2002 and spent years researching and developing their products. They wanted their laundry line to be easy to use, healthy for clothes as well as conscious of the environmental impact. Today, they’ve built up to sell a luxury line of 100% plant-based detergents that are customized for every fabric. Their foundation lies in the science - with the correct proportions of non-toxic chemicals and natural ingredients, they’ve created a fabric care line that ticks all the boxes. One of their best sellers includes the Whites and Darks Detergents - two types explicitly made for white and dark clothes. It’s truly frustrating to find your favorite white shirt stained and colored in the laundry, which is why The Laundress has created a fantastic solution that promises excellent care for your whites. Not only does the product do an outstanding job at keeping your clothes cared for, but it also comes with soothing scents. This one, in particular, is masked with the ‘Classic’ - lily of the valley and jasmine. It simply smells heavenly. They have dedicated formulas for every type of clothing, from light and dark colors to delicate fabrics such as silk, as well as your winter go-to’s such as merino wool and cashmere. Each detergent is custom-built and made specifically for a corresponding set of fabrics, resulting in a fabric care line that loves attention to detail! They care for every type of clothing. In addition, all of their products are promised to be eco-friendly, plant-based, and cruelty-free! We love when brands are committed to preserving the environment just as much as we are. With immense love for the fantastic fabric care line, The Laundress expanded horizons and ventured into home cleaning as well. With various solutions such as alternative bleach, scented vinegar, dish soap, surface cleaner, and much more, their home cleaning collection has also won over many. Moreover, their line is notable for being toxic-free, unlike many other detergents and bleach mixtures. This way, your home is free of unwanted and dangerous chemicals while also contributing to a sustainable practice! Another reason why we love The Laundress so much is their promise to be eco-friendly. Not only are their production practices sustainable and ethical, so is their packaging! For example, most detergents come in a classy glass bottle, and if it’s plastic, it’s recycled. They use 100% recycled plastic bottles and fabric packaging to reach their goal of sustainability. Their iconic store is on Prince Street in New York, and we highly recommend visiting! You’ll be welcomed with wonderful scents of the earth and will leave with high-quality detergent for your home! Their blogs are also an excellent resource to learn more about fabric and home care, with useful tips and tricks from the experts themselves! Find out more about The Laundress, New York, here.