Sustenance on Earth stems from the muddy roots of those that hover tall over us, forming comforting canopies of green intertwining branches. The beauty of a tree expressed through a gentle breeze or a calming shelter is being stripped away by the repercussions of climate change. With an increased rate of forest fires that burn down thousands of trees a year, a conscious effort to preserve and protect is the only measure that could potentially reverse the drastic effects of climate change.

The growing importance of trees in our life is a vital indicator, painting a picture of how dependent we are on our environment. From deriving nourishment in the form of fruits and vegetables to creating shelter for our bodies in the form of garments - nature is a valuable resource that we keep depleting. Although our sustainability promise promotes the use of organic cotton farming and toxin-free dyeing processes, our goal for a greener tomorrow knows no limits. Crow aims to make a difference in the world’s best climate crisis solution with a collaboration with Ecologi in hopes of lowering overall carbon emissions into the atmosphere. 

Recognized by global forums like Forbes and The Guardian, we assure the authenticity and trustworthiness of Ecologi. One of the few initiatives that follow through on their strive for a green planet, Ecologi publishes carbon credit reports, conducts regular audits, and is 100% transparent with their partners. They’ve helped numerous projects, from the preservation of the Peruvian rainforest to creating bio-digesters for Vietnamese farmers. Crow’s firm faith in a better tomorrow drives all our environmental projects, with this partnership being one of our most exciting ones yet. 

Through our workings, Crow has created a home base for a process soaking in the glory of sustainability with high-quality organic cotton that we deliver in 100% biodegradable packaging. However, we know we fall short on taking care of our carbon footprint when we ship worldwide. In an effort to be better, we promise to plant a tree with every order placed in partnership with Ecologi. Our vision is to slowly create a space green enough to call a forest, creating a flourishing home for local wildlife as well as a dwelling for local communities that thrive on plantations. 

We hope to hear the chirping of the birds and feel the gentle breeze between the branches, a sign of a fruitful tomorrow with a reduced carbon footprint and a progressing future. Join us in our mission to plant more trees, contributing with every order placed. We hope to nurture your wellbeing through organic cotton clothes that offer unmatched comfort through breathable silhouettes while taking care of environmental welfare through our sustainable practices and our newest commitment with Ecologi.