A melting pot of brands that create unique identities through clothing and accessories, Garmentory has over 3000 different labels showcased on its website. Their aim to bring together brands from all over the world, converging at a global scale, came alive in 2013, uplifting independent boutiques and designers through a more vocal and international platform.

Garmentory’s dedication to individualistic pieces is expressed through designers who curate vintage items and resell them. Whether it’s a statement blazer or an ancestral wall hanging - Garmentory has elements for everyone through its variations in style and fashion. Their distinctive taste in design is a reflection of the wonders of versatility and how a diverse group of people who share a love for fashion can come together to create something bigger than them - a lifestyle of extraordinary collectives from around the world. 

They have curated items of women, men, kids, and lifestyle products too. The brands are well-edited and offer a wide range of variety, bringing together pieces from around the world under one portal. A boon for small businesses, Garmentory has helped accelerate designers that are just finding their place around in an industry as cultural and intimidating as this one. 

With a strong foundation that rests with the ideology that ‘less is more,’ Garmentory is keen on stocking designers that create with sustainability in mind. Their pieces are one-of-a-kind and are created through sustainable and ethical production. Garmentory stocks brands such as Cled and Veda, who repurpose existing materials by using recycled fibers in an effort to reduce waste.

On their end, Gamentory has recently switched to compostable mailer bags. This eco-friendly alternative to plastic packaging can be broken down in a span of only 80 days, returning back to Earth, decomposing the natural materials with the help of nature itself - compared to years of plastic that does not break down, polluting the environment. With an enormous shopping demand, Garmentory’s strive to be sustainable is commendable and a move in the right direction, for the environment, for our home. 

We’re so excited to announce that our similar ethos has transformed into a wonderful collaboration. Crow is now available on Garmentory, being one of the very few brands from India that designs handmade clothes. Representing the cultural heritage of India through handwoven organic cotton clothes, Crow takes great pride in showcasing India’s art to a global community where it’s bound to be admired.