With myriads of indigenous tribes that practice art in diverse forms, Nagaland is home to artistic expression like no other. Inspired by the colorful festivals and markets that showcase the people’s art, we’ve designed a collection using Nagaland’s finest textiles. 

Sourced through Heirloom Naga, this textile company has revolutionized the fabric culture in Nagaland. Starting off as a backyard project with only 3 weavers in 1993, Heirloom Naga has grown into a thriving collaborative with more than 50 weavers. The dream grew from a couple of sample pieces on display in local stores to a richer exposure in India’s biggest metropolitans. 

Despite the global shift to artificial textiles, Heirloom Naga continues to beautifully create cotton and Eri silk, introducing the world to the charm of Assam’s fauna. Their textiles are developed with a contemporary twist, backed by a traditional spirit. The weavers who create art with their hands have carried out dedicated training and tutelage to learn the handloom. A process that is slowly completed with gifted hands, the finished textiles are a beautiful result of hard work and skill. 

Heirloom Naga’s determination in creating handmade textiles flows into our ethos of sustainability. Without the use of heavy machinery, Heirloom Naga’s production is systemized to avoid mass-production and is mindfully made-to-order. Their work is a subtle merge between modern designs that create a new approach to their indigenous craft, headed by founder Jesmina Zeliang. 

The weavers that work with Heirloom Naga are all women with a strong sense of identity and confidence. Heirloom Naga aims to uplift and empower women through textile creation by giving them the ability to work from home with complete ownership of their loom. Naga women have found a sense of self through work that creates independence and brings them closer to their cultural art. Doorstep employment through weaving has rendered hundreds of women in charge of their own futures, helping them develop livelihoods that inspire and sustain a cycle of growth and autonomy. These women are stronger, more independent, and confident in engaging in decisions of their lives for personal betterment. Our ongoing fight against gender inequality finds solace through Heirloom Naga’s positive involvement and encouragement for the talented women of Nagaland. 

For women, weaving is simply another way of life, and it has been integrated deeply into their routine, performed alongside other chores. Balancing a household of children and work is no easy task, and Naga women carry out their lifestyles with grace and gratitude towards their culture. They work on their own time, finding windows during the day dedicated to their art. While some have the privilege of a room designed for weaving, others carry it out amidst other activities. Some weavers prefer the loin loom for its compatibility and convenience. The way these women incorporate their time into tasks for the home as well as creating something that deeply speaks of Nagaland through their unique weaving is truly exquisite. 

The textiles that come from Nagaland are not just fibers of cotton but seeds of the culture that tell stories of women, their homes, and their art. Our collection using their textiles honors the beauty of their traditional art, in line with our pursuit of highlighting handmade fabric.