If you're looking for a celebration of creativity, entrepreneurship, and individuality, look no further than Renegade Craft Market. Founded in 2003 by a group of artists in Chicago, Renegade Craft Market has become a global phenomenon, with events held in cities across the United States and Europe.

The purpose of Renegade Craft Market is to provide a platform for independent makers to showcase their unique and innovative handmade products. The event is a celebration of creativity, individuality, and entrepreneurship. By creating a supportive environment for independent makers, Renegade Craft Market helps to foster a sense of community and encourages creativity and innovation.

At Renegade Craft Market, attendees can browse and purchase a wide range of handmade goods. From jewelry and clothing to pottery and furniture, there is something for everyone at Renegade Craft Market. But the event is not just about shopping. It also offers workshops, demonstrations, and other activities that encourage creativity and inspire attendees to explore their own artistic abilities. Workshops may include activities such as jewelry making, screen printing, and woodworking.

One of the most exciting aspects of Renegade Craft Market is the opportunity to support independent makers. By purchasing handmade goods, attendees are supporting the independent maker movement and helping to ensure that these craftspeople can continue to create their unique and beautiful products.

Renegade Craft Market is also a great place to discover new and emerging artists. The event attracts a diverse range of makers, from established artists to up-and-coming designers. This makes Renegade Craft Market an exciting and vibrant place to be, as attendees can discover new artists and styles that they may not have encountered before.

In addition to shopping and workshops, Renegade Craft Market also offers a food and beverage area, where attendees can sample a variety of local and international cuisine. The food area is a great place to relax and refuel between shopping and participating in workshops.

The market is a unique and exciting event that celebrates the beauty of handmade crafts. Whether you're a seasoned collector of handmade goods or a first-time attendee, Renegade Craft Market is an event not to be missed. By fostering a sense of community and encouraging creativity and innovation, Renegade Craft Market is helping to support and celebrate the independent maker movement.