The foundation of Crow lies within preserving and protecting the environment. We strive to achieve a true balance between our workings and the phenomenal ecosystems of the planet. Our primary practice involves using organic fabrics that have been sustainably produced. Every piece we design is created using 100% organic textiles, cultivated ethically, and are naturally biodegradable. Every day, we try to re-image our flow of work and the impact it has on the environment, aspiring to reach a minimal carbon footprint. Our process of design stems from a desire to give back to the environment, creating timeless garments amicable with nature.


Social Sustainability 

Ethical production is one of the most important aspects at Crow that define Sustainability. In order to create a truly sustainable production method, we start with the people around us. Our farmers, weavers, and artisans are treated with the utmost respect. We value their time, energy, and talent and wish to show great appreciation in every way possible. 

By engaging in organic agriculture, we hope to continue sustaining the livelihoods of the hardworking farmers that reward us with beautiful crop harvesting that we later translate into our high-quality fabric. Our love for traditional Indian weaving is elucidated by the way we treat our weavers. Ensuring a fair wage with ethical working conditions is the standard at which Crow functions. 

In longing for a better future, Crow continues to work, invest, and create beautiful relationships with ethical fair-trade cooperatives, charitable trusts, and NGOs. Our donations have always been towards organizations that work hard towards the greater good, whether it’s women’s equality or pandemic relief; we believe in honest and sincere aid. Our partnerships will always be with brands that believe in the same ethos as us, helping promote and spread the notion of Sustainability to higher ground. 


Environmental Sustainability  

Being a slow-fashion brand, the premise lies within respecting the environment. At Crow, we are mindful of the way we consume and produce. All our methods are tweaked regularly to ensure we are as sustainable as can be. Our decisions are thought over with the intention of being harm-free to the planet. We consciously engage in the resources we need and use them with a promise of giving back more. Our collections are inspired by the beauty of nature, from the intensity of the colors we use to the folds of the fabric; nature will always be our most extraordinary palette. 


About Our Organic Cotton

Farming is a beautiful way of life that sustains many in a method that can also give back to the environment. Organic farming accounts for the planet as well as the people, creating a harmonious process with a myriad of benefits to all. 

Organic cotton production is sustainable to the environment through the elimination of chemicals and toxic substances that would otherwise be generously used in conventional farming. Without synthesized chemicals, the need to use water is significantly less. Organic cotton farming uses 88% less water, saves energy consumption, and creates a healthy working environment for our farmers. A method that essentially sustains the environment while also being an ethical work form for the people is one that boasts many benefits and allows us to continue producing beautiful pieces that go hand-in-hand with our respect and admiration for the environment. 


Our Resources 

We understand that Earth offers a finite number of resources, and the way we use it needs to be mindful. At Crow, our methods are designed in a way that optimizes the use of resources and ensures that we give back to the environment as much as we take. Through continually using organic cotton and supporting organic farming, we hope to cultivate an ecosystem of growth and well-being that promotes the prosperity of nature and all the abundant resources it offers us.   

Moreover, we also strictly adhere to the measures below to establish a sustainable and mindful means of production.

Our Measures 

  • We promote reusing and recycling, practicing these measures through our sustainable packaging like leftover fabric price tags, waste cloth bags, and much more to avoid any use of plastic.
  • We support organic farming and will continue to advocate for processes that conserve energy and resources.
  • Our design team continues to work on concepts that help incorporate our waste fabric in every way possible. 
  • We try our best to efficiently use our resources, reusing 95% of our waste into new production systems.
  • Any paper waste generated within our studio is reused creatively in our productions or disposed of in appropriate recycle bins.
  • Our energy units are optimized for eco-friendly measures and are only used as per need. We do not leave our lights, machines, or water on when the studio is not operating.

Our Initiative To Give Your Clothes A New Life

We find immense solace and peace in familiarity, hiding beneath the comfort of old clothes. As much as we love our old clothes, the nature of fashion follows trends and persuades us to continue buying new ones. However, we understand that slow fashion has an inert beauty about recycling and producing pieces that last forever, no matter the changing trends. 

With Crow, give your old clothes a new life through our modernized designs. Our designers enjoy working creatively and harnessing the soulful energy of an old piece of clothing to turn it into something fresh. Our modern cuts, patterns, and silhouettes offer something much more than a makeover: a piece that lasts forever. 

If this is right up your alley, please feel free to contact us. We would love to put our brains to a new challenge and do what we do best: design and create something that truly resonates with our customers. Write to us at