What you should know about azo-free clothes

When you think about what makes a piece of clothing "environmentally friendly," probably one of the last things you would come up with is the dye. For generations, clothes have been dyed using azo-based dyes that are harmful to the environment and can cause skin irritations in sensitive people. But there is a new type of dye on the market that is much better for people and the planet - azo-free dye!

Benefits of azo-free clothes

Azo-free clothes are a popular alternative to traditional clothing. They don't use any of the chemicals that produce strong smells and which may be toxic for our health. The azo-free process reduces the colors from 18 to 8, making them more gentle on the clothes and less aggressive towards the environment.

How are azo-free dyes made?

Azo-free dyes are made from coal tars, which are derived from the processing of coal. The colors are typically mixed with other chemicals and ground into a powder. They are then dyed with azo-free dyes to produce vibrant colors on fabrics.

Environmental benefits

When you think about it, azo-free clothes are the best option for the environment because they don't create harmful dyes or chemicals. Plus, there is no need to worry about these harmful substances getting into the water supply or going into the soil. This is a huge environmental benefit that has yet to be discussed.

Health benefits

Azo-free clothes are made of material that doesn't use azo-dyes. Theses clothes can be worn by people who are allergic to dyes or who have skin sensitivities. For example, chemically sensitive individuals may be able to wear these types of clothes without any adverse reactions. In addition, azo-free clothes will inhibit the growth of bacteria and molds which can help prevent allergies and irritations.


The safest clothes are those made from natural materials such as cotton, wool, and down. Make sure to buy clothes that have been certified as free of Azo-dyes.