Humans are at risk for extinction if we don't stop climate change. The fashion industry is one of the largest contributors to climate change.

Fortunately, it's not too late to take care of our planet. And we should expect the business industry to shift its priorities to take care of our environment. Consumers need to hold the businesses accountable, too. That's why since day one reducing environmental impact has been a top priority for us.

What’s next for fashion?

With our sustainability commitments, we plan to reduce our footprint in half by 2025 and then near zero by 2030. Until then, we will be carbon neutral and invite other businesses to follow our lead.

How to reverse climate change:

Leverage your 9-to-5 with four easy steps

Better business starts with a sustainable product. How do we define sustainability? It comes down to doing what’s right for the environment, and also having it work for the business.

Why it's easy to procrastinate and why you still need to overcome that

The Top Tips to Reduce Your Footprint

Commit to concrete changes by 2025

The fashion industry pollutes 2.1 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide every year. This is the same as the pollution from 456,717,817 cars in the same timeframe. The reason for this is because our industry loves using fossil fuels to power factories and make materials. In other words, most of what we wear is made from plastic, which comes from oil, which is a fossil fuel.

It wasn't always the case that humans were obsessed with plastic. In the last 80 years, our obsession with plastic has grown. However, there is now a question whether it would be better if we used natural materials instead.

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