While Autumn brings forth a warm welcome to Winter, Crow welcomes women of fluidity and character through our latest collection, ‘Play.’ Exploring the various elements that create a bespoke piece of clothing, this collection entails a delightful mix of colors, patterns, and cuts that honor a free-thinking individual. We take inspiration from women who do things differently, breaking boundaries and manifesting a unique line that stands hand-in-hand with our standard for quality. Introducing barrel-fit trousers to go with sharp cut tank tops, our clothes are created with a sophisticated silhouette in mind. Inspired by the detailed boro technique that stemmed in Japan, our collection also includes bomber jackets and patchwork shirts that entail an entire personality by themselves, with little Boro details that subtly emphasize the worldly essence of our clothes. Energized by the lively color palette of Autumn, this collection is a soothing mix of shades like sage green, Bombay brown, urban red, and many others. Following our ethos, these garments are created using the finest cotton fabric sourced from sustainable farmlands across the world. With the soft touch of organic cotton, the warmth of merino wool, and the excellent craftsmanship of our Indian artisans, this collection comes to life for a warm Autumn full of pleasure through Play.